DTM Is The Best Touring Car Championship In The World


DTM prevailed in a comparison of eight international touring-car series and therefore, the series now may call itself ‘The best touring-car series in the world’. That’s the result of an extensive analysis published in the latest issue of the British motor-racing magazine ‘Autosport’.

The editors of the globally respected motor-racing weekly wanted to know “Which is the best touring-car series in the world?” This question is answered in an extensive seven-page comparison between eight international touring-car series. In addition to the their own British Touring Car Championship, BTCC, the Autosport experts also took a close look at DTM, the European Touring Car Cup (ETCC), the Australian V8 Supercars, Argentina’ Super TC2000 Series, the Brazilian V8 Stock Cars, the Scandinavian Touring Car Championship and the World Touring Car Championship, WTCC. With 43 points of a maximum of 50 points available, DTM wins the comparison and therefore is – according to Autosport, that is – the best touring-car series in the world.

The aspects that were assessed in the analysis comprise the entertainment value for the spectators (both on site and the TV audience), the competition level and the closeness of racing, the technical level of the cars on the grid, the prestige of the series as well as the variation in the calendar and on the grid. When it came to the elements car, competition and prestige, DTM was the only series to have scored the full 10 points that represented a major step on DTM’s way to securing the first place. Autosport regarded DTM’s international reputation as a particularly important factor.


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