As We Aproach One Year. 


 As DTM UK approaches its first anniversary we’d like to say a little thank you to all that have made our year as successful as it has been. 

 We started this venture as massive fans of the DTM realising there’s not much news in the UK to cover the series. 

 First thanks go to the DTM for the accreditation they gave us, none of this would’ve been possible without that for a start. 100% of the photos you see on our Blog and other media pages are from the DTM direct. 

 Second thanks go to the manufacturers without these we wouldn’t get the details of the cars and timings as the news breaks through. Also a special thanks to Audi & Mercedes for following us on Twitter. (Come on BMW you don’t know what you’re missing out on)  


 Thanks also to all the drivers present & past in the DTM, without your entertainment in the race weekends we’d have nothing to write / tweet about. Special thanks go to Timo Scheider, Gary Paffet , Tom Blomqvist & Adrian Tambay for the constant re-tweets on Twitter. 

   A huge thanks to Gary Paffet & M.B Partners for the interview that sent our views higher than we ever could imagine. You can look forward to more interviews soon.  


 This one is a massive thank you to all the staff at the “pitcrewonline” You lot have kept me entertained all day every day with your randomness (it’s a cob not a bap) Anyone who knows Simon, Britta, Mark, Tobi, Uncle Max, Mitch, Warren, Si, Sandra, Ben, Pete, Avi, Chris Rathbone, Alex & F1 passion will tell you how cool these guys really are, and why my phone has no battery life as they talk to much ! Onwards and upwards guys especially Simon you’ve worked so hard to get where you are today (watch out Autosport magazine). If you’re not following these “tools” on Twitter you should be. 


 Thanks also to my girlfriend Fran for putting up with the constant motorsport on the T.V, iPad, Moblie, Xbox or whatever device is nearest when there’s a race being shown. I suppose a thanks to the Dog for helping me when I’m writing, thanks Doris.  


 But most of all a thanks to everyone who has clicked on the blog, liked, retweeted or favourited anything we’ve done either here or on the Pitcrewonline. Here’s to another year. 

 Deepest thanks Ben “Beno” Green. 

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